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Electronic Data Interchange

Anveo EDI Connect

Microsoft Dynamics and Anveo EDI Connect connects your suppliers, partners, and customers electronically to your business processes. Exchange item and order data, documents and inventory information, in addition to any other information you may need in an automatic and controlled way.

Anveo provides all components required – EDI data transformation setup, an assistant to automatically setup the data structure based on EDIFACT, X12, and EXL, a converter, and data transfer to take place in Dynamics.


Integration of Anveo EDI Connect to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC (formerly Dynamics NAV) installation.


Setup of data conversions in Anveo EDI Connect according to the requirements.

Data Exchange

Setup of data transfer which is receiving and sending EDI messages.


Monitoring of your EDI messages and technical messages in case of error.

One of the main benefits of EDI is cost saving by automation.

  1. Efficiency – The exclusion of paper documents means information is transferred and thereby, information and documents are delivered rapidly. Fast communication results in a speedy turnaround leading to higher customer satisfaction and a competitive advantage.
  2. Accuracy – Automation of data management and exchange reduces errors, lowering the cost of shipping and mistake orders by eliminating the element of human error.
  3. Reduced Direct Costs – By eliminating paper documents you can save on document storage, paper, toner, postage, and other direct costs associated with hardcopy documents.
  4. Indirect Benefits – Improve your cash flow by making better use of warehouse space, reduce your lead times, and have more frequent inventory turnover by using the indirect benefits of EDI technology.


Typical processes such as ordering processsing, orders (ORDERS), invoices (INVOICE), credit notes, delivery notes, (DESADV) and the exchange of master data, product data (PRICAT), avaiability and prices,

THis also includes other applications such as sales data (SLSRPT, INVRPT) or remittance (REMADV).


Transfer within your company internal data from one location to another or inter-company such as financial information or items.

Even a direct transformation of internal Dynamics tables is possible. This allows a separation of import/export and processing of incoming and outgoing EDI messages for better traceability.


Improved business relationships through automated processes with paertner companies.


Exchange of data such as order handling, availability, order confirmations and delivery notes. Take advntage of vendor information for planning the receipts and simplify the processes in the warehouse.

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