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Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Cloud hosted, on-premise, or hybrid implementations for Dynamics 365 or NAV


Upgrade to a new version of NAV or upgrade from NAV to Dynamics 365.


Adapt Dynamics to fit your unique business practices


Recover Implementations gone astray and have ongoing support post-implementation

Dynamics 365 Business Central

Increased financial clarity:

Accelerate financial closing, manage financial performance instantaneously, forecast accurately while retaining compliance and security.

Optimize Supply Chain:

Maximize profitability by having complete oversight over operations, purchasing, manufacturing, inventory, and warehouse management.

Improve Sales & Service

Connect sales and service operations with a combined view of customers from sales and service.

Deliver Timely Projects Under Budget

Plan and oversee projects with up to the minute metrics on progress, resources, tasks, and profitability.

Upgrade to Business Central

Continuous Access

Uninterrupted user access to data, reports, insights to make real-time decisions from anywhere with intuitive information from any device.

Increased Visibility

Gain tools for deeper insight into your data with enhanced reporting and integrated productivity apps.

Lower Overhead

A monthly subscription covers storage, hosting, and cloud access to your data from anywhere saving on servers, maintenance, upgrades, and support.

Smooth Integration

Access everything in your workflow from one platform with all of your data, apps, reports, and dashboards connected and accessible.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cloud vs. On-Premise

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cloud On-Premise & Cloud Compared

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cloud vs. On-Premise illustration

Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives users inimitable flexibility with availability as a cloud service, installed as an on-premise database, or offered as a hybrid solution. 

Dynamics 365 (On-Premise)

On-premise Dynamics is installed on your server, meaning you have total control over the management and maintenance of your database.

  • Utilize current investments in IT infrastructure
  • Complete ownership of data giving you control over business and customer data
  • Control over upgrade and change applications
  • Does not require high speed internet

Dynamics 365 Online (Cloud)

Your database is hosted and protected on Microsoft's secure servers and are accessed through a web connection. Increasing capabilities or adding users can be done as your business grows.

  • Implement Dynamics quickly without hardware expense and without utilizing IT resources
  • Removes the overhead cost of maintaining a dedicated server
  • Rapidly reap benefits of ongoing product development in weekly updates and biannual releases
  • No upfront license costs or recurring software license renewal expense
  • Increase and reduce subscriptions as needed so you pay for what you use
  • Built on the Power Platform - with a unifying Common Data Service where Dynamics and Office 365 data is stored and connected with 3rd party apps

Migrating from Dynamics 365 On-Premise to the Cloud Benefits

The rapid changing pace of Dynamics Online means if you are using a dated version of the On-Premise software, there may be a robust gap between capabilities. You may be depriving your business of new functions that could improve user performance and overall competitiveness.

Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance gives companies the ability to run more intuitively with connected operations and benefits of increased reliability, mobility, and security on the cloud. It is built with an intelligent interface connecting other Dynamics 365 applications and Office 365 to give you the best finance, development, management, and implementation process possible.

Dynamics 365 Finance facilitates the ability to make intuitive decisions, make business processes faster and continue to fuel business growth. Implementation of Dynamics 365 Finance gives you a SaaS solution to keep pace with market demands. Push financial performance, gain smarter operations, and add automation to your supply chain by using a connected, modern, smart platform to innovate and drive business growth.


  • Redesign business practices faster and with ease to drive growth
  • Manage entire operations with start to finish functionalities with custom development
  • Support horizontal workloads and industry requirements
  • Conveniently create and test new business environments and models


  • Modern User Interface brings improved user experience across devices
  • Office 365 integration improves productivity
  • Power BI enables intelligent and assured decision-making
  • Real-time and predictive insights for information driven decisions


  • Flexible solution allows growth with the ability to meet future needs
  • Integrate or replace existing systems
  • Additional functionality through Microsoft AppSource to extend functionality

Custom Development & Reporting

Business Central is your turnkey, cloud-based ERP solution. However, every business has different configuration needs based on unique business practices. These could be existing data migration requirements, functionality add-ons, or simply leveraging the system to integrate your business needs. Rather than altering base code, Cloud based ERP lets us modify via extension, making solutions easier to manage.

Business Central is completely integrated with the Microsoft Office stack of products. So, you can use the tools you already know for reporting. Whether it is invoicing with Microsoft Word or financial reporting with Microsoft Excel, the seamless integration opens the world of your data so you can make smart decisions.

Best of breed reporting is the complete option. Do you like Power BI? Business Central comes with Power BI. Do you want to use Jet Reports? Business Central works and is integrated with Jet Reports. You can choose the reporting solution that best fits your corporate needs and reporting requirements.

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